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Heart health

Building Community

Please review the Economic Impact Report commissioned by Bisbee Vogue, Inc. in 2013. This report is proportionately accurate for all 32 years of the Bisbee 1000. Results showcase that nearly all facets in the Bisbee economy (and surrounding communities) are positively affected by the Bisbee 1000 to include:


  • Direct (hotels, restaurants, retailers, transportation)

  • Indirect (goods and services)

  • Induced (employee spending)

From 1990 to 2005 BVI's all-volunteer Board covered the production costs of the event while giving most of the proceeds toward stair and railing repair and refuse and debris removal and retaining the balance to produce the event for each of the subsequent years.

In preparation for the 1991 event, probationers, ordered by the Superior Court for community service, and supervised by probation officer Cynthia Conroy, with assistance from Public Works removed 55 tons of debris. Over the next fourteen years, a grand total of 67 tons were removed. The City of Bisbee installed handrails on all nine sets of B1000 stairs with BVI sharing half the cost.

BEGINNING in 2006, with the unprecedented success of the Bisbee 1000, along with generous donors, and legacy bequests, Bisbee Vogue, Inc.'s community outreach and economic impact significantly expanded. Here are itemized contributions, building places and spaces, from 2006 to 2023.


In the past BVI Board approved funds for In-kind services and community building organizations partnered with Bisbee Vogue for the general welfare and contributing to the completion of projects to benefit the citizens of southern Arizona.

The focus of the Board of Bisbee Vogue, Inc. continues with traditional community organizing focused on new partnerships with the City of Bisbee and other health, wellness, and economic vitality organizations to develop funding for current and specific initiatives. Funding will be grant-oriented, partner and donor driven to complete specific projects and continue the non-profit's mission.

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