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Initiatives & Events

Economic Vitality Initiatives

City • Stairs • Murals

According to the Cambridge Business English dictionary, the definition of Initiative is “a new plan or action to improve something or solve a problem”.  As a 501(3)(c) charity, Bisbee Vogue, Inc. has had the fortune to work with our City, local schools and colleges, construction companies, artists and others who are dedicated to making Bisbee the best it can be.


Below are just a few on-going initiatives that help us serve our community by ENCOURAGING WELL-BEING, PROMOTING LIVES OF PURPOSE and ADVANCING CULTURAL RECREATION which represent the guiding principles of Bisbee Vogue, Inc.

City Initiatives

"Bisbee Outdoor Recreation Center"



“We don’t stop playing because we grow old,

we grow old because we stop playing.”

— George Bernard Shaw

In the past few years, Bisbee Vogue, Inc. has dedicated resources to creating a unique recreation hub on Higgins Hill Park in Bisbee. This is the site of the Bisbee outdoor pool built in 1969 and now includes a basketball court and two pickleball courts. BVI lobbied for and invested financially to build the outdoor fitness court in partnership with the City of Bisbee, KE&G Construction, Inc. and The National Fitness Campaign. This fitness court features seven fitness workout stations and was officially opened in May 2021.


Special appreciation goes to The Milt Coulter Blazing Saddles Trust and Pioneer Title Agency whose generous donations, along with dedicated partial proceeds from the loyal participants of Bisbee 1000, The Great Stairclimb, provided the funding via BVI to make this collaborative project a reality.


The addition of this court at the Higgins Hill Park location completes a user-friendly  venue called the Bisbee Outdoor Recreation Center (BORC) for Bisbee residents and visitors to have free, safe, access to outdoor recreation. The center brings economic benefits as many Bisbee visitors seek a variety of outdoor activities taking advantage of our excellent climate.



Beautification Project

This private property on Brewery Gulch, adjacent to City Park, was occupied and trashed annually. Bisbee Vogue, Inc. has adopted and cleaned this property manually for the absentee owners for thirty-plus years. However this year (2023), the property was so misused BVI hired a backhoe contractor to deeply cleanse the land and reshape the property to inhibit unauthorized occupation.

The following weekend after clean-up the site hosted artists competing in Bisbee's annual Plein Air Competition. Musicians, artists, tourists often pose in front of the graffiti wall which is now accessible to all!

Plein Air_edited.jpg


City Initiatives

The Board of Bisbee Vogue, Inc., recognizing the importance of the City pool (est. 1969) created a matching fund up to $25,000 to assist the City with repair and maintenance. This fund will raise a total of $50,000 and is off to a great start with the generous donation by James and Kay Burke of Bisbee, Arizona. We are delighted to see how this matching funds initiative has sparked renewed fundraising endeavors with local families and other community-minded organizations. Please consider a donation today by visiting us here.

 Update Pool 2024

Mayor Ken Budge says:

"“We are spending what is needed to get it done right.".

See Herald/Review article here for more information.

Stairs Initiatives

Restoration and Maintenance of Our Stairways

Fly or Drive 4.png

Promotional project designed by Lizann Michaud  and Cynthia Conroy - 2015

33,000+ Stairs Creates Bisbee's Unique Tapestry

Restoration Projects Abound Throughout

Muheim Stairs

Unique to Bisbee is a system of old and deteriorating stairways that course through its picturesque hills, affording views of the town's quaint houses and colorful gardens. The stairways originally followed the mule paths worn into the terrain during the heyday of Bisbee's copper mining past. To put men back to work during the Great Depression, the Work Projects Administration (WPA) oversaw building of the stairs over those same pathways.


Stairs Initiatives

Inspired by a generous donation of $10,000 from Rick and Kathy Brown of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, the Board of Bisbee Vogue, Inc. voted to establish a matching contribution; therefore, creating a $20,000 fund earmarked to  identify and map the 33,000+ stairs located throughout Historic Old Bisbee. Once identified and mapped some stairs will require repair to include concrete work, and just as importantly, installation or repair of handrails.


Hailing from Rio Rancho, NM, Rick Brown, AICP a Certified  Planner, carries a passion for stairs unlike any other's. As he puts it:


   "No one term encapsulates these stairways. Some places use the term “stairway,” while others use “stairs,” “steps,” or “stair-steps.” Regardless, they all refer to the same infrastructure feature. Despite the variety of terms, it is clear that whatever you call them, stairs, etc., they are a terrific placemaking feature for cities and towns of all shapes and sizes. At a minimum, public outdoor stairways provide the following 14 benefits:

  • Walkability/active transportation

  • Pedestrian friendly

  • Connectivity

  • Outdoor fitness

  • Social engagement

  • Economic growth

  • Tourist attractor

  • Equity-building

  • Exploration opportunities

  • Historic, environmental, and scenic opportunities

  • Improved community image and pride

  • Outdoor spaces for art displays

  • Reduced air pollution

  • Reduced car trips and carbon footprint

  • Placemaking

Any city that has a network of public stairways in its midst should actively pursue programs and funding mechanisms to assure its system is kept in the best possible condition. To do otherwise would be counter-productive to all the previously noted benefits generated by these networks.".

Read Rick's insightful blog here.

Muheim Stairs


The City of Bisbee, owner of the majority of stairs of Bisbee, has agreed to accept up to $10,000, donated by Bisbee Vogue, Inc., for the restoration and repairs of the Muheim Stairs. Partial funding provided by Rick Brown, AICP of Rio Rancho, NM through a donation to Bisbee Vogue, Inc. Project was slated to begin January 2024; however, on 1/9/24 an inspection by Public Works and BVI revealed multiple legal and ownership issues regarding the historic set of stairs. Stay tuned for updates as the City Manager and City Attorney work to resolve these challenges currently prohibiting Bisbee Vogue, Inc. from dedicating funds to this project.

Bisbee Vogue is exploring other important stairways to apply its funds, in partnership with the City of Bisbee. No public funds can be used for the benefit of a private business or individual.

Murals Initiatives

"The Tattooed Walls of Bisbee"

Economic vitality is a cornerstone of our 501(c)(3) charity mission. Beginning in 2007, Bisbee Vogue, Inc. launched an initiative to add color and richness to our city through the commission of local artists to create wall and stair murals throughout Bisbee's commercial and residential districts. It was a way to generate additional excitement about our already vibrant town!


Identifying tourism as a crucial element of the economic well-being of Bisbee, we began an art-inspired campaign which spawned a mural-themed fascination that is still going strong to this day. A leisurely stroll through any of our districts will reveal just how popular this initiative has become.

Wall and stair adornments by local, national and international artists are a way of life that brings visitors from far and wide and has clearly helped establish Bisbee as a destination unlike any other.

Tattooed Arm.jpg
Practise 1.jpg

Judy Perry, Bisbee's Village Painter/Muralist/Artist

Fly or Drive 1
Fly or Drive 2
Fly or Drive 3
Fly or Drive 4
Fly or Drive 5

Enjoy the Europeanesque charm of Historic Bisbee, Arizona. Nestled a mile high in the Mule Mountains of Southeast Arizona, this historic mining village boasts winding roadways, beckoning stairways, wide-ranging historic architectures, restaurants and shops, diverse cultural and fitness events, and a bustling, welcoming creative community. 


15 Years of Adorning our Walls & Stairways

< Wait for it...

A Myriad of Murals Add a Distinct Flavor to the Bisbee Experience!

Tattooed Arm

Murals of the Bisbee 1000 Stairways

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